Roman around


Last I wrote we were still in Salerno! We’ve since been in Rome and tomorrow we leave for Florence! It’s been a busy (and incredibly hot) week here! Rome is this amazing city full of ruins and modern buildings, and more art than I can handle. It’s super dusty here too- so much so that we look like we’re still wearing socks when we take off our shoes!

So dusty!

On Tuesday we caught the metro down to the Colesseum and spent the morning weaving through group tours and trying to picture what the place would have looked like thousands of years ago. The stadium could hold 50,000 people, and often events would last the whole day- ranging from animal fights, to killing Christians, to gladiator fights. It’s amazing how much you can learn from spending 5€ on an audio guide. Makes me think about how much we pay for university courses…. Did you know that in some stadiums the floor was removable (think taking out the ice at a rink), and the tunnels below would be flooded to accommodate boats for water battles? Imagine BC place filled with boats and cannons!

The tunnels beneath the arena floor

After the Colesseo we went to the Roman Forum, as the ticket gets you into both spots. Here we listened to Rick Steves audio guide and wandered through the town centre. It’s really impressive to see and they’ve even got the place where Caeser was killed marked. A lot of the audio guides we’ve been listening to tend to put emphasis on how much Roman culture surrounded their belief in the gods. So much time and effort was spent honouring these figures and building temples to them. I can definitely start to understand how the birth of Christ and the rise of Christianity would be threatening to them. 

After the Forum we wandered up the hill and around the Palatine Hill before catching the metro back to the gelato place. Then we met up with some girls from the hostel and grabbed a bite to eat just down the street. 

Yesterday morning we got up early and walked to the Borghese Gallery. If you ever go to Rome… go here. I can’t even begin to explain how amazing it was, so here are some photos. 

This is Napoleon’s sister… needless to say, she was prettier.
Bernini’s David.
Viewed from the back, all you can see is Apollo’s body and a tree. From the front you can see Daphne turning into a tree to escape him.

Then we meandered down to the Spanish Steps and the Trevi fountain, and grabbed lunch at an amazing sandwich place Tianna had found online. It’s called Pane e Salami and it’s around the corner from the fountain. Hands down best sandwich I’ve had in a long time. Maybe ever. Go there too if you’re in town and want a ginormous panini sandwich for lunch. The store front itself is tiny though, so grab it to go and find a shady spot near the fountain to watch the tourists get suckered into buying toys and roses and other cheap stuff. 

Make a wish!
Best sandwich ever.
Trevi at night was WAY busier than during the day!

After the Pantheon we headed back to the hostel for a nap, and then out to dinner not far from the fountain. It was very tasty and I finally got my zucchini flowers that I’ve been dying to have! Ricardo used to make them every once in a while at the restaurant, and I figured I’d be able to find it here too! 

So that was Tuesday and Wednesday! I’ll write about today tomorrow when we’re on the train to Florence! 



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