Ever eaten at one of those all you can eat sushi places?

We’re so full. At least we were several hours ago. We ate dinner at a cool pizza place called Criscemunno and it was sooooo good! One of the co-owners, Francesco was our server and he was hilarious. I guess this place opened a year ago and they’re still building their reputation, although when we left there were at least 30 people waiting for tables… We were decently hungry so we each ordered a full pizza, and in hindsight we definitely could have split one. But, we figured if the two skinny Italian girls sitting behind us could each down a whole pizza, so could we. And so, we ate. And ate. And ate. By watching others I’ve discovered that the way to eat pizza is to cut a slice that’s a bit larger than we’d normally like, and folding it half. This means all the good stuff stays in the middle. Easy right? We each left a slice on our plates at the end of it all… and Francesco made fun of us for not finishing everything. 

To be fair, Tianna tries to crack jokes that are funny in English and so far they’ve gone right over the heads of our Italian hosts. We did teach Francesco that it’s better to say he “designed” the menus though, rather than “painted” each and every one of them. I also had two local craft beers… at least I think they were local and craft. Who knows. I don’t read Italian. Either way they were tasty, and similar in style to a west coast ale.  Tianna also learned that blanco pizza means that they don’t put tomato sauce on it, and so she ended up cutting up and squishing tomatoes onto each slice herself. #learningcurve

We spent the day at Positano, the most westerly of the Amalfi coast towns. There’s a ferry that leaves the main docks here every few hours so we hopped on the 11:40 boat and headed over. It is hot here. Not like Okanagan hot or Mexico hot, like, YMCA sauna hot. I’ve never sweat so much in my life. (Except for maybe spin class). Before I left I thought for sure I was going to gain weight from all the food I’d be eating, but now I’m realizing that I’m just gonna sweat off every slice of pizza I eat. So when we arrived we hoofed it around the corner from the main beach, payed some greasy and slightly creepy Italian guy a few euros for the beach chairs and umbrella and settled into a front row seat of the the most leathery European tourists I’ve ever seen in my life. I’d like to know what the rates of melanoma are here. 

Honestly though it was super nice, and the water was the perfect temperature. I collected tons of sea glass and had a nap. Took a few photos and googled the history of Positano. Something about pirates and castles, but that’s all I got. Oh. And Rick Steves suggested a delicatessen around the corner from the main walkway for lunches. 4 hours later and we were back on the butt to Salerno, and ready to out sail the incoming thunder shower. 

Except we didn’t. Next thing we know us and one other couple are the only people left on the top deck of the boat and the tour guy is yelling, “it’s only water” as we get somewhat soaked. The lightning was cool to see over the coast, and I ended up using my beach towel to keep myself warm because the combo of rain water and wind was very brisk. Not together unwelcome after a hot day at the beach. 

Now it’s 4:34 am and I’m wide awake in bed because it’s so windy outside and hot in our room. Apparently I was sleep talking and yelled something about there being cougars here, and I’m not sure if I meant the animal or the people. Maybe both? In five hours we’re  going to head back up the train line to Pompeii to learn about the people who got murdered by the mountain. Should be good. 

If you’ve been to Rome I’d love to hear your suggestions. We’re headed there on Monday, so if you want to pass ideas my way leave a comment or message me on social media. Ciao!


Hot dogs, or legs?
My pistachio pizza and local beer.
Tianna creating “sauce” for her pizza.

One thought on “Ever eaten at one of those all you can eat sushi places?

  1. Sarah we were in Positano for a day and loved it. So beautiful! The drive up the Amalfi Coast was also pretty spectacular! We had a private tour of the Vatican and would recommend it. No long line ups and we breezed through. Our guide was wonderful. We attended a concert in one of the Cathedrals. World class- most enjoyable. Enjoy the whole atmosphere of Rome! There are so many things to see and do!


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