It lives!

Welcome back to the elusive travel/adventure blog! In case you don’t follow me on social media here’s an update– I’m currently en route to Italy, sitting in the Munich Flueghafen, waiting for our connecting flight at 7:55 pm. It’s currently 3:16 pm. 

Tianna and I are headed to Italy for the next 3 weeks to celebrate our recent convocation from UBC. I met a lady on the skytrain yesterday who asked me what my degree is in. “English Literature and Social Geography,” I told her. To which she replied, “Oh my degree is in English Lit too! It’s very useful…”  Nonetheless she wished me a happy trip and her friend told me to have a great summer. So, we’re kicking off adulting with an adventure and running away from responsibilities. Sounds good right?

Our plan? We arrive in Naples tonight at 23:00 (I’m going to use 24hrs, writing pm all the time is annoying), and are staying one night at a hostel there. Tomorrow we’ll be on the train to Salerno for the weekend, and then off to Rome on Monday. Florence happens next Friday, and then Pisa on the following Tuesday. We’re going to stay in Manarola in Cinque Terre Wednesday through the 1st (Happy Colonial Birthday Canada!), and then Parma for a day before wrapping up in Venice from the 2nd to the 3rd. Then I come home and Tianna heads east to Moldova. 

The real plan? Eat much gelato, pasta, pizza, wine, and Italian beer for 21 days straight. I’ll keep you in the loop though, don’t worry. Also, please forgive any spelling errors or brevity, I’ll be posting from my phone while we’re here so my thumbs might get extra tired. 

Here’s a photo of us at YVR before becoming sleep deprived grumpy people. 

And here’s me trying to use the ridiculous travel pillow I got from KickStarter. 


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