I’m going to be a housewife.

Today I reached this point where I’m counting up my credits, thinking about my really unpredictable and poorly planned future (at least on my part), and beginning to realise that unless you have an incredible desire to teach, become a writer or journalist of some sorts, or remain in the Academic realm, a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature is not going to take me very far.

Okay. So I’m 2 weeks away from completing my third year of university, and going into my fourth year.  I am 354 days away from the deadline to apply for graduation, and even closer than that to the deadlines for many, many graduate programs. Or not so many programs. In my recent research I’ve discovered that certain programs require you to have really really specific courses in your undergraduate experience. Why don’t they tell you that when you’re in your first and second years trying to figure out what the heck you’re going to do with your life!? It’d be nice to know that Urban Planning programs require a BA in Geography or a related subject, or that Sociology programs want to hear that you’re planning on continuing into a PhD. What to do.

I can hear my parents now, “Don’t stress about it. You have a lot of time to figure things out, and God has it allllll under control.” Yes, well, thanks Mum and Dad, but… still. To say the least, I’m still beginning to stress about where this crazy life of mine is going. God can’t steer my boat if I’m not rowing right? (I learned that in church two weeks ago). So, which direction do I row in?

First priority. Bust my butt in fourth year and apply for law school. Yay! I think for some of you who know me, that’ll be a shock. My dad’s been telling me for a hundred years I’d be a good lawyer, and whether my father’s biased opinion has finally leached into my own brain, or if I’ve just realised that a law degree might be useful in other endeavours, I’m not sure. Anyways. LSAT’s are a thing now, and I need to get in gear to figure out which schools to apply to. UBC would be my pick, but I can’t put it all on one school. Unless I was Mike Ross. But I’m not.

Back up plan. It was the Urban Planning program at UBC. Good thing they’ve suspended the program until Fall 2017. So now what? There aren’t a ton of great urban planning programs in the country, never mind ones that take students that haven’t majored in geo or something remotely related. I doubt they’re looking for someone with a bit of education in Middle English, Jane Austen, and James Joyce. So then that means I do a fifth year and double major. How much do I like living at home???

So it’s down to doing a fifth year to get into the program, settling for a program like sociology, or working for a year and figuring something else out. Basically I’ve gotta work really hard to get into a law program. I want that most. I guess I’ll figure the rest out after. I shouldn’t complain, really. Women around the world are fighting for the rights just to elementary education, and here I am whining about a Master’s program. Still, it is frustrating to me, and it does concern my future.

Anyways. Just what was on my mind today as I wait for the fall schedules to come out. At least I’m not at the end of my undergrad experience, as everyone in their third year here is. They’re the ones that get to freak out for the next two months about their grown-up lives. I get to post-pone it for another year. If all else fails, I’ll marry rich and be a housewife. I can cook, clean, and entertain.

Until next time.



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